Divorce 101: What is Transmutation?

Last week we discussed the idea of being and staying prepared when handling a divorce. One of the best ways to be prepared is to be educated. Moving forward, we will intermittently break down some frequently used terms in divorce that you may not hear in everyday conversation. Definition: Transmutation is the legal analysis of

Divorce 101: Be and Stay Prepared

Divorce 101: Be Prepared and Stay Prepared with Data and Document Gathering Divorce can be an overwhelming experience both physically and emotionally. Despite your best efforts, you may feel that the circumstances and decisions made are out of your control. While this may be true for certain aspects of divorce, there are certain things that

Hidden Assets in Offshore Accounts — The Panama Papers

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalism, or ICIJ, recently undertook the enormous task of reviewing the 11.5 million leaked documents now famously known as, The Panama Papers.  Following their review, the ICIJ ran an article discussing the role offshore accounts play during the divorces process of the top one percent.  Feel free to check out

Should I Sell My Interest in the Family Business in Divorce?

Our country is built off of the success stories of small business owners and entrepreneurs.  We encourage people to blaze their own trail and offer financial incentives to those individuals who find success in these endeavors.  More and more, we find couples starting new businesses as a team, combining their expertise to pursue their passion. 

Finding the Right Financial Advisor

One request we frequently receive from our clients is a referral for a post-divorce financial planner. When posed to a group of attorneys, each had “their guy” whom they felt was best suited for a client’s needs. While a personal reference is important and valued, we wanted to instead provide a guideline of questions to