Why the Increase in Gray Divorce?

We recently came across this article, Gray Divorce on the Rise with Longevity Trend, by Mary Beth Franklin with Investment News.  With the average human life span on the rise, Gray Divorce has become more and more common. The result of this rise has led to new challenges for both attorneys and financial advisors alike in

Divorce 101: What are ATRO’s?

Definition: Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders (ATRO’s) accompany a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and are printed on the back of the Summons (FL-110). These restraining orders prohibit the disposal of property by any methodology. They are effective on the Petitioner as soon as the Petition for Dissolution is filed and the Respondent when the Petition

What Am I Teaching My Children by Getting a Divorce?

We recently connected with Laura Bonarrigo after reading her eye-opening piece about children in divorce.  Sometimes we forget that there are “three sides to every story, and your child’s experience of divorce is valid, real and critically important.” Having been through multiple divorces herself (as both a child and an adult) Laura is very aware of the

Where to Point the Blame in Divorce?

Bloomberg News recently posted an article discussing the affect financial strains have on a marriage. According to one Harvard study, despite common belief, financial stress is NOT typically the main reason for a divorce; rather another factor plays a large role. What is it? Bloomberg News: Don’t Blame Divorce on Money. Ask: Did the Husband

Free Divorce Options Workshop — Saturday, August 6th

Led by volunteer attorneys, financial specialists, and mental health professionals who are members of the Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego, this free workshop, which is hosted the first Saturday of every month, will cover the full range of choices couples have as they contemplate divorce, focusing on the non-adversarial, out-of-court options. For more