Divorce 101: Handling Insurance Before, During and After Divorce

We often find that both parties in divorce are hoping and expecting for a quick divorce once the process begins.  While this would be the ideal circumstance, unfortunately it often is not the reality.  With a plethora of issues needing to be resolved the process may take weeks or months. One aspect of divorce which

Effect of California Propositions 60 and 90 on Divorce

We often touch on the importance of being well informed in making any decision, especially those in divorce.  With the impending elections, it is important you understand how certain propositions can effect your future.  This article by a colleague, Diana Martinez, with West Coast Law & Mediation, does a great job of explaining what you need

Worried About Hidden Assets in Divorce?

Are you worried about whether your spouse is hiding money in your divorce? Many people are. Especially when they have not been the person responsible for managing the family finances during the marriage. The state of California has a first line remedy for this called Declarations of Disclosure. These are forms that must be filled