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Easing Your Financial Divorce Journey


Each of our services are designed to help ground you in a financial clarity that gives you a sense of control and confidence to live a successful post-divorce life. You can count on us to create a safe and confidential space where all of your divorce related concerns can be addressed and resolved.  Let us lay your financial divorce fears to rest by helping identify and address your financial concerns. You will understand your current financial state and be able to define what you can afford post-divorce.  Whatever resources you need to help you negotiate a settlement, we can bring to the table. And we do this in a safe, private and confidential environment in a more cost-effective way.

Mediated Divorce

As Financial Divorce Consultants, in a Mediated Divorce we are sitting down with you and your spouse together with one of our expert Family Lawyer Mediators to help resolve disputes around the money aspects of your divorce. You and your spouse, may or may not already have attorneys, that is fine. In this service, we are typically addressing thorny financial issues that need support from our experts to get the divorce mediated and resolved. With both financial and legal experts at the table, issues that can take months to resolve in litigation can be quickly addressed.

Although a Mediated Divorce uses fewer professionals than a Collaborative Divorce, it requires you and your spouse to be more engaged in the process. It is important that you both have an understanding of the finances or have a willingness to be educated so that you can engage in negotiations. This service requires more engagement, doing your homework, coming to the table with work done, as well as you making decisions at the table.

Collaborative Divorce

In a Collaborative Divorce, our job as neutral Financial Divorce Consultants is often around an imbalance of financial power or understanding, issues related to children, and/or communication. Sometimes, one party is extremely reluctant to engage. Such situations are where a Collaborative Divorce process is particularly helpful and our founder is one of the founding fathers of the Collaborative Divorce process.  In these types of divorce, we are only focused on the financial aspects, but there are other experts, as noted below, working collaboratively as a team to aid you and your spouse achieving resolution.

Collaborative Divorce is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) where you and your spouse each have your own lawyer and your own licensed mental health Coach to aid in communication (it’s not therapy) and when there are children, a Child Specialist to give your kids a voice. This team of resources are at the table, immediately available in negotiations to enable you both to feel confident that what you are agreeing to will work for you both in the long term.

A La Carte

The A La Carte Service allows you to get what you need when you need it on very specific issues related to divorce. We pride ourselves on being responsive when time is of the essence and where our input can be critical in providing the clarity needed for resolution.

You may have situations where there is an impasse around financial issues or a need for some education on a particular financial aspect of your divorce. For example, failing to understand how complex situations such as retirement plans, employee benefits, taxes, etc. are treated in divorce can result in unwelcome surprises down the road and negatively impact post-divorce financial security.

Perhaps you just need help preparing the court financial forms. Maybe your spouse made an offer and you just want to be sure you’re not making a mistake in accepting it? Or are there specific issues you need clarity on? Maybe something just smells fishy and you want an unbiased, ethical review?

Our Process With You

Step 1 – Quantify

Create a concise report that identifies assets and debts, income and expenses and details any subjects of concern.

  • Summarize current financial circumstance
  • Establish financial goals and priorities
  • Simplify financial issues

Step 2 – Evaluate

Assess and determine any challenges you will face. These are most often related to:

  • Child & Spousal Support
  • Real Estate & Businesses
  • Retirement Plans, Social Security & Insurance
  • Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation
  • Tax Implications & Estate Planning

Step 3 – Educate

Ensure that both you and your spouse understand the financial issues you face. This will increase engagement and build confidence as you enter into negotiations.This often includes review of and reporting on:

  • Tax Returns
  • Historical and Current Cash Flow
  • Investment and Bank Accounts
  • Tax Impact of Choices Under Consideration

Step 4 – Facilitate

Create a safe environment to have discussions that results in mutually acceptable solutions and durable agreements.

  • Function as a Neutral
  • Work together with attorneys
  • Prepare court financial documents
  • Maintain focus on positive outcomes

What You Can Expect

Our Core Values.


We provide accurate data in an understandable form so our clients can participate in their divorce process: the financial reality currently and post-divorce.


Holding the CFP® designation makes us a fiduciary: we are required to work in the best interests of clients placing their needs ahead of our own.


Being prepared and showing up on time is at the core of how we operate.  We meet deadlines and regularly communicate.


Our founder has been through divorce and has a deep desire to help others in a manner that is simple and clear.


We are client and data driven maintaining neutrality in all dealings to ensure a sound workable outcome.


At our core, we focus on empowering you in all aspects of your financial divorce.

You can count on us to never over promise and never under deliver.

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